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So why do I Go On Dates That Don’t Cause A Relationship?

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Reader Question:

exactly why do I go on a lot of times and none of them create a connection? No, I’m not strange or do or say items to turn some one off. I’m a rather decent college student moving in the medical area. I am extremely attractive, so they let me know (to not toot my own personal horn). No, there’s absolutely no gender. I frequently ponder perhaps Really don’t show that Im in addition curious. I am method of shy and kepted regarding dating. I also feel there’s a lot of competitors available, indicating perhaps another woman reciprocated the exact same interest and guys gravitate more toward the one that reveals they really want them as much.

-Ansa (Michigan)

Dr. Wendy Walsh’s Answer:

It’s an extremely difficult time for young women when you look at the dating globe. While the belief of female intimate freedom has some joining a so-called “hookup” culture, other individuals wish a normal commitment as they are extremely alert to their particular “number.”

Thus, most women tend to be under great pressure to possess enough not-too-much intercourse. As well as question if some other female opposition is more flirtatious and sexual to draw men.

I believe you are doing ideal thing by not being also sexual. That way you can use a man who’s seeking a girlfriend rather than a short-term sex partner.

But, conversely, you will do have to be available, pleased and open. That will imply taking care of your giggle and your hair flip. That does not necessarily inform a guy you need intercourse, although it does make sure he understands you like him. Learning how to flirt with limits is actually a form of art, and you’re discovering it.

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